Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is what we call as a LIFE :)

hehe :) salam and hye readers :)
i just went back from my class, and, i got a new song to listen,.
the song is quite interesting and the mood is really nice :)

hehe.. tajuk dia, WORDS
and, i just heard it from my lecturer :)
what can i say, i am searching something,
just wondering there are a KIND-HEARTED PERSON can give it to me as a gift **wondering**
oh, oh,, huhu,, i just want it !!

A cute pink stand for my camera T.T i just found it :') please, please,,,~~

Ni camera yg ayah and emak bagi pada saya :') sempena my bufday ^_^ 14 June 2012, hehehe

ME :)
just wonder *.*

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