Sunday, September 30, 2012



please hear me, Allah :') I just hope,, you can save my future-imam-to-be..I don't know who and when.. Even we are not meet yet or we are already meet and we did'nt know, I just hope, you will give us the best first meet.. and the best last ending . make us till Jannah :D *in the right time and the right way

**dugaan paling besar bagi jiwa, hati, Iman REMAJA adalah masalah CINTA.. susahnya nak jaga hati ni**

sometimes, I keep thinking... why ? how? who ? and when ? but, when I am realised that I am such wasted my time keep thinking about it, so I make a decision to just stand confidentally and say 

 "HEY SHASHA,relaks boleh x ? the time will come jugak,ok. haha, ok,ok" 
-just talking wif myself.. 

rindunya mereka :') tengah2 3 pagi ni, bila saya dok study UAK. rindu pada family,, sebulan lebih dah x balik rumah, :')
aku kena jadi bunga untuk pementasan senior nanti,, senior ade teater, dan aku jadi BUNGA :D wish us luck for this wednesday nite ^_^
**sometimes, when we are always and keep reading fairy tale love story,, we can't go through in the reality. so, don't LIFE in ur fantasy, fren !! Let's we make our own reality story :)

**quiet jealous when saw my fren got their happiness. 
It's ok, I will wait :)
*ulang2 dengar lagu MAHLIGAI KASIH<< fav nasyid :)

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Edy Fee said...

tu dia..upload dh gambar bunga dia