Friday, September 21, 2012

how is friendship means to you

source : Gowou Blog (beloved sis of mine in IPG's)
rewrite :

so here's the story ~~

      once upon a time, there were two one day, they fall down into a dark-deep hole. they stuck inside the hole for some-long time, as they were afraid to climb up.afraid of falling again and get much hurt.but they know they just can't stay there forever. so they were trying their very best. climbed up. as they tried and tried. they fell so many time.they were hurt.but know that, they believe they will succeed one day, so they still tried. trying and trying and trying and trying and trying.

                                                                      the end :')

**I just hope, we will never stuck there forever, and I just hope for a miracle come to us and save us from this "DARK-DEEP HOLE". I can't take this anymore. Almigthy, help me please T.T

sincerelly, I just miss our frenship.
I dunno why,what and how this can be like this :'(


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ahhaha gowu je..aku mana

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